Rush EP

by Sharaya Mikael

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released March 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Sharaya Mikael Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Rush
Back for more, knew you’d be back for more
if I go my way , would you turn me around?
I waste away, waiting on you

Just say the word and you know id be back for more
your voice keeps me around
and you’re so sure of what you want

Tell me why its taking so long, baby if you'd just damn hurry up
I would follow you anywhere
Pressed against a running car, baby if you’d just damn hurry up
I would follow you anywhere

Blue suitcase is waiting on your front porch
you decide if i stick around
if I am the one you want

Back on the run I'm singing for you
back on the run, whenever I feel so hopeful
And I will forget before long
every morning that I was there
and every morning that you’re not here
Track Name: Million Miles
Tell me your story, more than moments stitched in rhyme
pull me in deeper, let me swim inside your mind
tell me a fable, of the life you live inside
darling Im able to sit at your lips a million miles
sing me your favorite lullaby

Paint me your memories, etched in stained glass time
no detail too boring, sequence of songs you’ve memorized
of treasure and heroes bound by words you’ve underlined
your life is a mystery, beneath the surface secrets hide
sing me your favorite lullaby

You are the center of my sky tonight
I want to know what makes you shine so bright
you are the star of my stage tonight
Im standing and clapping for encores of your face
sing me your favorite lullaby
Track Name: Over
Heavy summer sleepless night
skin sticks to the pillow light
and the train wakes dreams of you
in my head
out the door into the park
in the encore of the stars
I hear the crickets sweetly singing
of you

I think it over, and over,
and over, and over
I think it over and over again
we took it faster then slower
your voice growing colder
and its over before it begins.

Now the city shakes its leaves
bounding rivers meet their streams
and the rain comes to cleanse the sky
in grey.
As the droplets beat their drum
i reflect on lies you sung
an obscure tongue that slowly withers
me away.

As I think it over.

You spoke out of line
you spoke too soon
now my hopes are tied in you
whats a girl to do?

Its over. its over its over.
Track Name: 3 Ft. From Gold

Only time will tell
what we’ll find when we loose ourselves
What may come
G Em
We cant know for sure
Am D
but we’ll keep digging deep

Its safe to say we’re getting close
D Em
we could be three feet from gold
oh we’re headed for a course unknown
D Em
we could be three feet from gold
Oh I know, Oh I know, we could be
D Em
three feet from gold
Oh I know, Oh I know, we could be
D Em
three feet from gold

Sea for days, no land in sight
but Im at home with you by my side
the compass spins
but we cant turn back now
we’re not sinking yet

Am Em
calloused hands aching bones
is it more than you bargained for (4X)